“I went through a TEN-year chronic health journey, and
Flöka was the missing tool that I needed to solve my problem faster.”
Vanessa De Waal, Flöka Founder

Hi 👋 I’m Vanessa.

Just dropping by here to say hi, and share with you a little bit about my story, and why we founded Flöka. I struggled with my chronic health conditions for TEN years, starting from the age of 13. Everything was wrong and I saw every specialist. Finally, I got help from an Integrative team. We tracked and correlated everything on a sheet of paper. But I had all of these different apps on my phone- I’d tried them all. What my practitioner and I needed was a way to work with them to see these relationships and see my progress in real-time. I had a whole binder of information to share, along with all of these apps. From hormones to gut health I realized how interconnected our health and how we feel really is. And then comes the gaps in women’s health research. My mum, an MD and I spent so much time scanning PubMed asking ourselves why there was so little research on questions that seemed very normal for half the population. We realized technology would have to be the great equalizer. The only thing with the potential to answer these neglected questions that research should answer! So, I learned everything I could.

For as long as I remember, my mum would say “prevention is better than cure- but it’s so hard to change behaviour”. She cares so much about helping others and talked about how unfortunate it was that her reach was only in her local hospital. That deep care of people - and their health- no matter where they come from is a core value that I knew the world needed us to scale up.

In the meantime, I talked to my dad who was a programmer before running software companies. I had studied psychology due to my passion for behaviour but also basic coding languages. Heather, my good friend since frosh week and I were equally as passionate about behaviour change. We both independently had created spreadsheets of information with fancy formulas and had a conversation about how it was crazy! We gathered a team. We endeavored to do what many people told us was impossible. I was told that “cracking prevention is impossible”. But I knew that it wasn’t because I watched incredible practitioners educate and work their magic every day. I knew the power of changing behaviour in my own life.

So I’m here to tell you- whatever chronic health issue or goal you are struggling with: Keep believing in yourself. You will find the help you need. You will find the lifestyle you need. What those are will be unique to you.

To that mental state of flow,



Update: Since my story started, it became ours. More on that to come!

"The best times are together times"