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To support the best delivery possible of root-cause care.

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360° Tracking Dashboard

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For Coaches

From 1:1 to Scale: Courses, Programs & 1:1s

Expand your professional reach and enhance your practice with Flöka, the ultimate platform for growth. Whether you're a seasoned course creator looking to share your expertise, a health and wellness professional engaging in daily one-on-one sessions, or the visionary behind life-changing group programs, Flöka empowers you to effortlessly scale and strengthen your community.


apps to connect with
Meet your clients where they are

with the tools they already have. Now you can use these integrations to sync your program in real-time.

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All In One Place

We know that for health experts, giving their clients the best experience as they work with them allows for more deeper conversations happening faster.

For Clients

Flöka Programs

Clients will be able to access and work through the programs created by their coaches on Flöka iOS app and/or the client web portal. Clients are able to make comments and/or set each task as complete.

For Clients

Flöka Courses

Flöka courses are designed to be accessible from all devices. Clients will be notified when new courses are added by their coaches. They can access their additional resources attached to their lessons by their coaches.

All in One Modern, Connected Experience

Track Anything and Everything

Clients can track their health  within floka or With a 1000+ apps and wearables that  integrate with flöka  - meet your clients where they already are in their health journey.

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Flöka wants to support your clients throughout their health journey and make things between you run smoothly.

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