Unlock the Sympto-Thermal Method through Tempdrop X Flöka Integration

Partnership offers empowered women to have a fuller understanding of their cycles and hormonal health. 

Internet, Everywhere – October 6th, 2022

Our shared mission is to help women gain valuable insights to their health and fertility patterns.

We are excited to announce that Flöka has officially launched a partnership and Integration with Tempdrop, to benefit Tempdrop and Flöka users everywhere.

Women have used the Sympto-Thermal Method (STM) for decades, a compatible method with Fertility Awareness Method (FAM), to learn and chart their Basal Body Temperatures (BBT) and cervical fluid observations. STM has empowered women to have a fuller understanding of their cycles and hormonal health. Now, Flöka is proud to announce the integration of the Tempdrop temperature tracking tool with the Flöka app!

Flöka and Tempdrop Integration allows users to view both temps and Flöka readings on their cycle view. This is a convenient and accurate way to track basal body temperatures, helping users gain valuable insights to their health and fertility patterns. Women of all fertility goals can use STM.

STM users learn and chart daily biomarkers of cervical fluid and basal body temperature. Other ways to identify ovulation include cervical changes, urinary testing of estrogen, LH (luteinizing Hormone) testing, and Progesterone. Technology has advanced significantly in the past decades, from glass thermometers to digital thermometers, and now (wonderfully) to smart wearable thermometers that track your temperature while you sleep, like Tempdrop. The main benefit of Temdrop is its accuracy, as it records temperature throughout the night instead of a single recording via thermometer after you wake up. Basal Body Temperature is the lowest body temperature attained during rest. Tracking basal body temperature includes taking a daily measurement of body temperature after a minimum of 4hrs of sleep, most often when first waking. A woman’s temperature responds to hormonal changes and, in a typical cycle, STM users will see lower temperatures before ovulation and then a sustained rise in temperatures after ovulation when progesterone becomes the dominant hormone.

Cervical fluid is your first line of real-time information to learn about how your hormones work, but it can be difficult to know exactly what you are looking at. Combining it with Basal Body Temperature tracking, you can get a more accurate picture of when and if you are ovulating. This is helpful -whether you are trying to get pregnant - or for your general health as ovulation is the ultimate indicator of health. As estrogen rises when approaching ovulation, your cervical fluid changes to become more hospitable and nourishing to sperm, and follicles containing eggs begin to mature. STM users learn to distinguish peak and non-peak cervical fluid. All cervical fluid before ovulation is potentially fertile. Each Cervical fluid tracking method can have slightly different terminology for different types of cervical fluid. Flöka can help in the learning process. STM treats cervical fluid and basal body temperatures as equals – partners for life! An STM user needs to chart both to have a full and accurate view of their current fertility.

Using Flöka with STM can offer more data and a deeper understanding of their hormonal health. If you are a Tempdrop user, you can optionally view your temperatures in your Flöka app, displayed with your Flöka cycle data. To turn on Tempdrop integration in the Flöka app, go to “Settings” and select “Connected Health”. Choose “Tempdrop” and then select “Connect”. You will be taken to Flöka’s web log in page and asked to approve the integration. The Flöka app will automatically pull up to 6 months of past temperatures from your Tempdrop account. Your Tempdrop temperatures will display in the cycle view of the Flöka app.

We are so excited to offer this integration to our users who are using both Tempdrop and Flöka! We know that using Flöka together with Tempdrop can provide an enhanced view into your personal fertility patterns. Our mission is to help women gain valuable insights to their health and fertility patterns.

By integrating Tempdrop with the Flöka app, users can gain a deeper understanding of their menstrual cycle and hormones, giving them the power to take control of their fertility journey.

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