Integrate Fullscript with Flöka and add virtual supplement dispensing to effortlessly grow your integrative practice.

Fullscript, flöka and how integrative practitioners can reserve onboarding

Be indispensable to your patients
with Flöka and Fullscript

Fullscript integrating with flöka, dispensing supplements and tracking nutrition

What can Fullscript & Floka do together?

Flöka is now integrated with Fullscript – the intention behind this integration was to allow for integrative health practitioners to dispense professional-grade supplements directly to their patients' doorsteps within their Flöka accounts! Together we can not only help increase revenue but  boost adherence, and save time so that practitioners can grow and expand their practice.

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What is Fullscript?

fullscript integrated within flöka for easy supplement dispensing and tracking built-in for clients

Fullscript is a free supplement dispensing platform and treatment adherence tool that supports practitioners at the point of care and beyond.

Choose virtual dispensing, in-office sales, group care, or whatever mix fits your workflow. Recommend industry-leading supplements then use treatment adherence features to automate refills, educate, and promote wellness from anywhere.

So, what can Fullscript do for your practice?

Keep patient data easily orangized in one place

Work more efficiently by keeping all patient information and order history in one place using the Flöka X Fullscript integration.

Offer large selection of supplements

you can explore the Fullscript catalog of professional-grade supplements and use the advanced search function to make personalized recommendations to your clients.

Increasing patient adherence using automation

Watch your compliance grow with automated refill reminders, autoship, & patient communications.

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What is Flöka?

flöka connecting integrative coaches and practitioners with clients and the tools they use, wearables and health apps

Move the needle faster with Flöka. Flöka is gorgeous and makes your practice incredibly fast. She comes with advanced features that help you impact behaviour - getting to outcomes faster.

Patient-generated 360-degree lifestyle communication, intelligent correlations,  all while connecting with the clients that need you most.

Make your life easier with Flöka.

  • Scale your practice and recurring revenue
  • Run programs synced with your patient’s real-time context
  • Automate secure communication
  • Track and impact behavior change faster with smart accountability
Meet patients where they are using existing apps and wearables to get a holistic view of patient health at your fingertips, to be brilliant at what you do.
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