How to Win More Client Calls in 2024

There is no secret that when it comes to building a great buisness of any kind, it always comes down to delivering great value. But communicating that value can be hard. Today, we're going to dive into how we can help.

This is a powerful strategy that has proven to be a game-changer for our successful coaches and practitioners.

Without further ado  🥁

Show Don't Tell

We've heard it all the time, but an image is worth a thousand words. Let's face it- words, especially verbal come at us at a low bit-rate (speed of data). An image can do a lot in articulating the type of offering, support, and value you are offering.

Show Them How Deep You'll Go = Build Trust. 📊

In this modern era, there are lots of different types of providers and coaches out there. And guess who everyone with a health concern is looking for? The ones who care deeply. The ones who want to go deep into the data to find patterns at a birds eye view.

It's no secret that at flöka, we believe that being data-driven means you care. That wanting to get into the details means you are using your intelligence to solve your clients problems most efficiently. It means you do the research, the homework- and you're not afraid of the hard work. And why do you do it? Because you care. Deeply.

Your prospective clients need to know that you are not going to hand them a few meal plans, and they'll be on their own. That may have even happened to them before. They want to see and feel - how are you going to hold their virtual hand? How do they know you've got your back?

Hold their Virtual Hand 🤝

Show them how you'll be connected in real-time with the best connected health dashboard on the planet. Flöka designed an experience that goes so deep- without triggering people. With a beautiful, modern design.

Share That Screen 🖥

In your consult calls, or in your marketing- we are telling you go for it. Share that screen. We're sure it will be a game changer just like it is for our top performing practices. Because your modern patients and clients- what they want is a provider that gets it. That is there for them. And technology that is a tool that meets them where they are, with all the tools they already use.

We're behind the ones who go deeper.

We are behind you.

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