Why Practitioners and Coaches are Looking to Connect their EHR to Wearables and Health Apps

Harnessing the Power of EHR and Wearable Data Integration to Transform Patient Care and Engagement"
Harnessing the Power of EHR and Wearable Data Integration to Transform Patient Care and Engagement"

As an integrative health provider, you understand the importance of harmonizing traditional and alternative treatments to ensure optimal patient health. Regardless of whether you are an M.D., naturopathic doctor, health coach, nutritionist, or fertility coach, embracing technology has become an indispensable part of your practice. When it comes to chronic health conditions, lifestyle changes are key to achieving results. And yet, it can be very difficult to advise clients and patients when in the dark on their actual lifestyle. Memory is challenging and often inaccurate, to let alone how as patients, we often want the approval of our coaches. In the modern era, people struggling with issues want to get their practitioners and coaches as much data as possible so that they can get help faster. Connecting your EHR with the tools that your clients are already using is the way of the future.

Why Integrate EHR with Wearable Data?

EHRs offer a comprehensive view of a patient's health history. Still, they often lack real-time health data, which can be pivotal for early disease detection, monitoring chronic illnesses, or tracking lifestyle changes. Integrating EHR with wearable data can fill this gap, providing the following benefits:

  • Comprehensive Patient Profile: By integrating wearable data into your EHR system, you'll have a more holistic view of your patient's health, beyond the snapshot captured during  visits.
  • Enhanced Patient Engagement: When patients can see their health data visualized and used in treatment plans, it boosts their engagement and adherence to these plans.
  • Improved Predictive Analysis: Real-time health data from wearables can enhance predictive analysis, aiding early detection and preventive care

Flöka: Your Birds Eye View into Health Data

Flöka is a revolutionary platform designed to help you take control of health data from thousands of apps and wearables. It serves as a dashboard that collates, integrates, and presents data from a wide variety of sources, eliminating the need for insecure practices such as emailing screenshots from various apps. Beyond this, it helps you zoom out to get a birds eye view and connect the dots to uncover patterns faster, helping you be the rockstar expert that you are.

Why Choose Flöka?

Using Flöka to monitor patient health data can offer numerous advantages:

  • Comprehensive Health Profile: With Flöka, you gain a comprehensive view of your patients' health, using data from wearable devices and apps they use daily, beyond what's captured during office visits.
  • Improved Patient Engagement: When patients can see their health data interpreted and used to inform their treatment plans, it encourages them to participate more actively in managing their health.
  • Enhanced Decision-Making: By providing a panoramic view of health data, Flöka can aid in predictive analysis, early disease detection, and preventive care.

How Flöka Transforms Your Practice
Flöka redefines the way you handle patient health data. Here's how:

  1. Simplifies Data Integration: Flöka offers a simple solution for integrating data from a broad array of apps and wearables. It removes the complexity of managing multiple data sources, offering you a unified, easy-to-use platform.
  2. Ensures Data Security: Flöka adheres to HIPAA and other key data privacy regulations, ensuring that your patients' data is secure. You can say goodbye to the insecure practice of emailing screenshots of app data.
  3. User-Friendly Interface and Reporting: With its intuitive interface, Flöka makes it easy for you to view, understand, and gain insights from the integrated health data. This understanding enhances your decision-making process and helps you provide better care for your patients.

As integrative provider, your ability to leverage technology can set your practice apart. With Flöka, you're not just collating data from apps and wearables; you're transforming your practice into a data-driven, patient-centric powerhouse.

Don't let the future of healthcare pass you by. Discover how Flöka can revolutionize your practice today, leading the way to a new era of integrated, data-driven care.